Restaurant offers free baozi, porridge to cheap plastic braceletssanitation workers

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In the restaurant, a wall is filled with cards, on which all the information related to donation is clearly written. [Photo provided to]

Since its opening on November 6, a baozi restaurant in Harbin, capital of Heilongjiang province, has provided free baozi and porridge to hundreds of sanitation workers.

Inspired by the idea of "suspended coffee", which was born in the cafes of the Italian city of Naples, Wang Lin, the boss of the restaurant, started his "suspended baozi" program when his new restaurant opened.

"Free baozi and porridge is offered to sanitation workers and poor customers who ask for them," said Wang. "They are paid for by other customers in advance when they buy their own meals."

After retiring from the army, Wang opened his first restaurant in Harbin in 1999.

He discovered that the sanitation workers began their work in the early hours of the morning just as he was closing his restaurant for the day.

"They really do difficult job, especially in the extremely cold winter," said Wang. "Now that I have opened a new restaurant I can do something for them."

In the restaurant, a wall is filled with cards, on which all the information related to donation is clearly written and every sanitation worker has to write his name before he gets the free meal.

"All the income and expenses are clear," Wang told China Daily. "I am really happy to see more warm-hearted people donate to those who need help."

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